Tuesday, August 17, 2010

That Flusey Did It Again!

Hey! did you hear it the latest on Sir Babble More's dog, Flusey?  Well, if you were able to tune in to last Sunday's BaZzZman's radio talk show, you would have heard the latest on poor Sir Babble More's dog.  After being a respectable breed of dog, she was exposed, to lets say, dogs of lesser up bringing and started to pick up some of their bad habits.  Now, of course, Sir Babble More wouldn't stand for this and placed yet another phone call with the dog obedience school to file a complaint!

This is just another fun filled Telephonic Mayhem call that you can't miss!  Be sure to tune in every Sunday to hear one of CP BaZzZman's latest crank calls.

If you want to, you can listen to Dry Stone Radio on the net here: http://www.drystoneradio.com

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kite Flying Flusey

If you were able to tune in last Sunday, June 27th, on Dry Stone Radio, you would have heard one of CP BaZzZman's most noted character, Sir Charles Babble More, making one of his hilarious phone calls.  Part of the call involved his poor dog Flusey.  Sir Charles' wife had struck again when she connected little Flusey to the end of the kite string. Now the kite was actually made to carry a camera which actually fell off into some moron's garden.  Little did she know that the kite would take off out of control with Flusey hanging on for the ride of her life!  (I believe she was headed to France) 

Needless to say, Sir Charles took care of the situation by calling the kite distributor and filing his complaint about the directions not saying "No dogs allowed".

This is just one of CP BaZzZman's episodes of Telephonic Mayhem.  Be sure to tune in this Sunday night for fun filled evening at nine o'clock, PM, GMT(Greenwich Mean Time) in the UK on the radio 106.9 FM or through the Internet here at: http://www.drystoneradio.com/ 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sir Charles Babble More

Sir Charles lives in Fortnham Lodge in Embsay and is an arrogant, upper class sexist insulting serial complainer who has a wife that gets herself into stupid situations. Also, he has a mad old major living in his mansion. Sir Charles rings companies with absolutely unbelievable scenarios and the calls are purely convincing when backed up by BAZzZMAN's special sound effects that are triggered through a sampler during the call for realism. When He called Pet Planet to complain about his newly fitted horse flap a horse can be heard taking a dump in his lounge during the call! There is also the bizarre wind up where Sir Charles calls a trampoline company to ask for advice on how to retrieve his wife from a tree after she went for a bounce to spy on the neighbours!  You just got to hear this call! I will guarantee that it will leave you in stitches!
You can also catch Sir Charles latest babbles on Twitter!  Be sure to add him to your friends here:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Computer Fried Chicken

Indeed, CP BAZzZMAN is one of the worlds most prolific creative producers.

He has been hugely successful globally with his crazy mobile content including ring tones, graphics, videos, music and much more. But these days, he can be found broadcasting his unique brand of wit and quirkiness from a radio station in North Yorkshire called Drystone radio!



This job was the chance for BAZzZMAN to indulge in the reality comedy business and so "Telephonic Mayhem" was born!

BAZzZMAN created a range of funny characters and began calling businesses with ridiculous funny complaints and mad scenarios that would ultimately challenge their perception and customer service standards! One of my favorites is Computer Fried Chicken episode.

 The character Adrian is a northern English dim wit who calls companies for very basic advice on problems that are easily solvable, at least by our standards. The twist with Adrian is that when computer support operator gives him some simple advice over the phone, something they didn't expect to happens, it puts them into the crazy situation of accidentally killing Adrian's father's prize pet chicken which can be heard clucking away in the background during the phone call!
After the chicken is electrified due to the companies idea to turn the computer on , Adrian gets very distraught before hanging up the phone.( They didn't know Adrian was washing the computer in the bath at the time) Soon after, we then hear the very sensible father calling the company back to hold them completely accountable for killing his prize chicken! How many ways can a chicken die? Stay close to Telephonic Mayhem to find out

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Better Watch Out! CP BaZzZman Is Coming To Your Town Soon!

CP BaZzZman ascended into notoriety ever since his mobile content became world wide hit!  Combine his musical ability with his humorous creativity and you got undoubtedly one of the world's most creative producers out there.  He is very, very excited to share one of  his array of talents in his latest CD coming available soon. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for one BaZzZman's latest CD - Telephonic Mayhem!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There's A New Guy In Town!

Watch out Touch Tone Terrorists! There's a new guy in town and you have new competition in the crank call business!!

As you have read in my previous post, a new comedy genius, CP BaZ z Zman is in town! And he is sure  taking the telephone wind up to new levels and raising the bar of hilarity! The Touchtone Terrorists have indeed held the top spot in the crank call business with hilarious offerings with a distinctly US feel, but this new contender with a distinctly global/English feel is going to snatch it away! DJ Steve Penk will have to watch his step too!
CP BAZzZMAN is one of the worlds most prolific creative producers.

He has been hugely successful globally with his crazy mobile content including ring tones, graphics, videos, music and much more but these days he can be found broadcasting his unique brand of wit and quirkiness from a radio station in North Yorkshire called Drystone radio!
BAZzZMAN is ready to step up to the plate and  indulge in the reality comedy business and so "Telephonic Mayhem" was born!
CP BAZzZMAN took what would seem to be ordinary people and morphed them into a range of funny characters who are calling businesses with ridiculous funny complaints. We all can relate to these mad scenarios that would ultimately challenge our perception of customer service standards!

Be sure to check out some of my favorite characters here at http://www.jumbojam.co.uk/:
Sir Charles Babblemore
Adrian Dale
Alexander Crumple

Monday, June 21, 2010

CP BaZ z Zman - A Man of Many Talents

BAZzZMAN is a powerful musical philosopher and freelance producer creating his own complete productions at his home studio in North Yorkshire, UK. He has a special talent that make not only the lyrics  meaningful, but very inspirational to many due to containing positive conclusions and ideas to common human situations.

He has been producing and writing music since he was 18 yrs old and has so far dedicated his life to the development of his audio creativity. With his newest developement, Telephonic Mayhem, he has mentioned that he draws some of his ideas from his childhood years.

In addition, BAZzZMAN is also known widely in the mobile content industry. He has enjoyed  worldwide success in the distribution of his mobile content, ring tones and music through 26 online major retailers. He is at present an unsigned musician who simply enjoys delivering his music to all who find value in it.

BAZzZMAN has in the past been compared with many great artists, bands, and singers, such as Kings of Lyon, Seal, Scissor Sisters, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Vangelis, Red Hot Chilli  Peppers, Micheal Bolton, Pink Floyd, Scooter, Jean Michel Jarre, The Killers, Muse, Snow Patrol, James Blunt and the list goes many, many more. But, most of all, he most definitely sounds like himself!

Another one of his talents is that he is a prolific writer and produces magic every time he touches a piano! Be sure to keep an eye on BAZzZMAN if you like any of his music because he is constantly trying to produce better and better music in an obsessive never ending project list of musical determination! Also be sure to check out his lyrics, the songs really become special when you do!

Soon to be released will be his latest project: Telephonic Mayhem.  Stay tuned for later developments!