Monday, June 21, 2010

CP BaZ z Zman - A Man of Many Talents

BAZzZMAN is a powerful musical philosopher and freelance producer creating his own complete productions at his home studio in North Yorkshire, UK. He has a special talent that make not only the lyrics  meaningful, but very inspirational to many due to containing positive conclusions and ideas to common human situations.

He has been producing and writing music since he was 18 yrs old and has so far dedicated his life to the development of his audio creativity. With his newest developement, Telephonic Mayhem, he has mentioned that he draws some of his ideas from his childhood years.

In addition, BAZzZMAN is also known widely in the mobile content industry. He has enjoyed  worldwide success in the distribution of his mobile content, ring tones and music through 26 online major retailers. He is at present an unsigned musician who simply enjoys delivering his music to all who find value in it.

BAZzZMAN has in the past been compared with many great artists, bands, and singers, such as Kings of Lyon, Seal, Scissor Sisters, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Vangelis, Red Hot Chilli  Peppers, Micheal Bolton, Pink Floyd, Scooter, Jean Michel Jarre, The Killers, Muse, Snow Patrol, James Blunt and the list goes many, many more. But, most of all, he most definitely sounds like himself!

Another one of his talents is that he is a prolific writer and produces magic every time he touches a piano! Be sure to keep an eye on BAZzZMAN if you like any of his music because he is constantly trying to produce better and better music in an obsessive never ending project list of musical determination! Also be sure to check out his lyrics, the songs really become special when you do!

Soon to be released will be his latest project: Telephonic Mayhem.  Stay tuned for later developments!

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