Monday, June 28, 2010

Sir Charles Babble More

Sir Charles lives in Fortnham Lodge in Embsay and is an arrogant, upper class sexist insulting serial complainer who has a wife that gets herself into stupid situations. Also, he has a mad old major living in his mansion. Sir Charles rings companies with absolutely unbelievable scenarios and the calls are purely convincing when backed up by BAZzZMAN's special sound effects that are triggered through a sampler during the call for realism. When He called Pet Planet to complain about his newly fitted horse flap a horse can be heard taking a dump in his lounge during the call! There is also the bizarre wind up where Sir Charles calls a trampoline company to ask for advice on how to retrieve his wife from a tree after she went for a bounce to spy on the neighbours!  You just got to hear this call! I will guarantee that it will leave you in stitches!
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