Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There's A New Guy In Town!

Watch out Touch Tone Terrorists! There's a new guy in town and you have new competition in the crank call business!!

As you have read in my previous post, a new comedy genius, CP BaZ z Zman is in town! And he is sure  taking the telephone wind up to new levels and raising the bar of hilarity! The Touchtone Terrorists have indeed held the top spot in the crank call business with hilarious offerings with a distinctly US feel, but this new contender with a distinctly global/English feel is going to snatch it away! DJ Steve Penk will have to watch his step too!
CP BAZzZMAN is one of the worlds most prolific creative producers.

He has been hugely successful globally with his crazy mobile content including ring tones, graphics, videos, music and much more but these days he can be found broadcasting his unique brand of wit and quirkiness from a radio station in North Yorkshire called Drystone radio!
BAZzZMAN is ready to step up to the plate and  indulge in the reality comedy business and so "Telephonic Mayhem" was born!
CP BAZzZMAN took what would seem to be ordinary people and morphed them into a range of funny characters who are calling businesses with ridiculous funny complaints. We all can relate to these mad scenarios that would ultimately challenge our perception of customer service standards!

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