Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kite Flying Flusey

If you were able to tune in last Sunday, June 27th, on Dry Stone Radio, you would have heard one of CP BaZzZman's most noted character, Sir Charles Babble More, making one of his hilarious phone calls.  Part of the call involved his poor dog Flusey.  Sir Charles' wife had struck again when she connected little Flusey to the end of the kite string. Now the kite was actually made to carry a camera which actually fell off into some moron's garden.  Little did she know that the kite would take off out of control with Flusey hanging on for the ride of her life!  (I believe she was headed to France) 

Needless to say, Sir Charles took care of the situation by calling the kite distributor and filing his complaint about the directions not saying "No dogs allowed".

This is just one of CP BaZzZman's episodes of Telephonic Mayhem.  Be sure to tune in this Sunday night for fun filled evening at nine o'clock, PM, GMT(Greenwich Mean Time) in the UK on the radio 106.9 FM or through the Internet here at: http://www.drystoneradio.com/