Sunday, June 27, 2010

Computer Fried Chicken

Indeed, CP BAZzZMAN is one of the worlds most prolific creative producers.

He has been hugely successful globally with his crazy mobile content including ring tones, graphics, videos, music and much more. But these days, he can be found broadcasting his unique brand of wit and quirkiness from a radio station in North Yorkshire called Drystone radio!

This job was the chance for BAZzZMAN to indulge in the reality comedy business and so "Telephonic Mayhem" was born!

BAZzZMAN created a range of funny characters and began calling businesses with ridiculous funny complaints and mad scenarios that would ultimately challenge their perception and customer service standards! One of my favorites is Computer Fried Chicken episode.

 The character Adrian is a northern English dim wit who calls companies for very basic advice on problems that are easily solvable, at least by our standards. The twist with Adrian is that when computer support operator gives him some simple advice over the phone, something they didn't expect to happens, it puts them into the crazy situation of accidentally killing Adrian's father's prize pet chicken which can be heard clucking away in the background during the phone call!
After the chicken is electrified due to the companies idea to turn the computer on , Adrian gets very distraught before hanging up the phone.( They didn't know Adrian was washing the computer in the bath at the time) Soon after, we then hear the very sensible father calling the company back to hold them completely accountable for killing his prize chicken! How many ways can a chicken die? Stay close to Telephonic Mayhem to find out